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Lynn Johannson
My initial understanding that there was a green benefit to my wearable art started when I was asked about it by one of my first clients. Lynn Johannson of, helps companies large and small green their businesses. This is her life’s work and it has taken her to 45 countries. She said there were two things that attracted her to my originals over 15 years ago.

First she recognized the unique quality in my designs and in the technique I used. She saw how I carefully utilized every piece of material in my designs. Lynn really liked how this was balanced with my artistic approach. She is not exactly a wallflower this girl, so wearing something very different suited her.

She was representing her country, not just her company, in much of her travels. She wanted to make sure that she had a classy presence and profile to reflect her position. She also wanted a “Made in Canada” option.

Marketing Green: I know that one has to be careful about what and how you market yourself as green. Everybody likes to think they are green, but most of us probably have not sat down and figured out exactly what that means first.

Here’s what I’ve done and what I intend to do to keep greening what I do best – creating original wearable art for originals!

Material Efficiency: From a sewing process approach I have been able to optimize the use of the fabric in each piece. The collage process lets me utilize fabric so that when I am finished some of the pieces are so small they are almost the size of snowflakes.

At one point in time being green meant “reduce, reuse, and recycle”. While still true, I am innovating ways to upcycle fabrics and garments so they have a new life. Come to my next show and see how creative I can be.

Innovating Green
: The best way to be green is to incorporate it in the design phase. I have a process where I take my remnants, sew them together to create new fabric. I am also starting to be more fearless in disassembling unwanted clothing and weaving it into a new wonderful wearable.

The most exciting venture for me at the moment is designing original garments using handmade treasures that were first created through needlework. A perfect example of this is my award-winning “A Woman’s Heart”.

Energy Efficiency: To reduce my carbon footprint in 2009 I made a huge shift in my business. I stopped doing custom work, which had me constantly driving all over southern Ontario looking for specific materials. I now design ready-to-wear originals from materials in my extensive inventory.

A surprising new source of material comes from gifts of legacy fabrics from clients. The unexpected benefit is that it has challenged me to be more creative and productive.

I have also moved to a new location and brought my studio home.

All these changes have greatly reduced my fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

Life Cycle Thinking:
I have started to launder some of my fabrics in order to preshrink them. This means that once the garment is complete they can be washed and hung to dry instead of being dry-cleaned. This benefits my clients more than me as it reduces their cost and chemical footprint.

Working with Mother Nature is a process that never ends. Anytime I can make a “green” change that will benefit the planet, I am eager to do so.

One critical feature of my wearable art is its timeless design. It is beauty driven, not fad driven. All originals are individually made. Each piece is designed using quality fabric and enduring construction. My commitment is to create wearable art that will bring joy for years to come.

My consignment service; never would I have guessed this would be such a success with my clients! What they have told me is that a Bonnie Glass is delightfully durable. It is heartwarming to know there is a second home for my originals, and they are sought after.

“I have been collecting Bonnie Glass for over 20 years. The design of all her originals is ageless. They are investments that retain their value. Each piece I have still looks like new. I wish I did too. But when I wear one, I still stop traffic.”      - Lynn Johannson