“Introduction:  How does a creative garment maker working in the wearable art field add her voice to the chorus of praise ringing out through the centuries to the God who loves her? Through garments, of course! Because that’s how He uniquely wired me, and it is what I know best. These twelve recycled to art-cycled garments, with the twelve stories that inspired them, tell the tale of a fifty-year sojourn with my Maker. They tell how He made me into—well, something just better and more than what I was when I first made the decision to follow Him. He took parts of my character and refashioned them, and I have tried to express that story visually in what I did to create each garment in the series. The book is in two parts. Part One is my story, divided into twelve episodes, each with a creative art post of the garment inspired by it and a Bible verse that highlights the story’s theme. Part Two focuses on the visual details of the garments, including what pieces were used to create each one and why. All the garments are made entirely from people’s castoffs; the first person[…]” Excerpt From God Re-Fashions a Garment Maker Bonnie Glass This material may be protected by copyright. Books are $40.00 Taxes in. + $20.00 shipping in Canada. If you live near Guelph you might want  to pick it up (email bmglass@gmail.com to arrange it) or come and buy it at the 2025 Wearable Art Show (www.thewearableartshow.com).

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